We co-create future success that matters and it’s built around the foundation of three fundamentals we believe in.

Our Purpose

Co-Create: We believe co-creation is what makes change possible in any context and challenge. Our work, the design and its results are based on co-creation with our clients. We are experts in inspiring, futuristic participatory design.

Future success: Our work aims to create future success for our clients. We innovate visions, strategies, products, services and solutions and bridge them with our clients towards concrete future success goals

Success that matters: We want to build success that matters, and it means two things: we must aim to drive profitable growth for our clients, and it must be as impact-positive as possible for the people and the planet.

Our Story

Founded 2009 Offices in Helsinki, London, Oulu Employing over 60 talents

At Hellon we're all about the human. We want to make progress less tech driven, more people driven. We see technology as an enabler, that provides real value to people only when it serves a real user need. Design and innovation are in our dna, which we utilise with great passion to design customer experiences and drive change towards customer-centricity in organisations.

We help our clients understand their customer better, to bring their customers real value and to keep their business competitive. Our customer centric methods aim to create impact that is both good for business and leads to a better everyday for the customer, the client, the human.

Whether the client's business is B2B or B2C, at Hellon business is always human-to-human.

Our Values

Be Ambitionary Change Hearts and Numbers Dare to Care Spark Joy

We created human-centric company values that steer not only our community, and our people, but the way we do business. We translate our values into activities that are being spread across our daily routines at the office or remotely.

Our community is made by strong relationships where you can be who you are. We always meet eachother human-to-human.

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