We are a strategic customer experience and innovation partner. We support companies to understand, innovate, and transform their business. By driving change, with a solid purpose, we deliver true customer value and increase loyalty.

We co-create future success that matters

Our success is based on three cornerstones

Deep Design Expertise – Our teams are specialists in critical, strategic and systems thinking. Our solutions are not based on hunches, but on solid processes and a decade of experience.

Unique Methodology – We have been pushing the boundaries of design for over a decade. Today our Design 2.0 philosophy, our methods and algorithm-based tools, represent the future of design solving complex problems in a complex world - faster and more accurately than our colleagues in the Innovation Industry.

Happy Customers and Global Recognition – We have won the prestigious Global Service Design Award four times and today are ranked as one of the top independent, Innovation Consultancies globally - by Sifted, backed by The Financial Times. Ensuring client satisfaction is our top priority - we would not exist without our clients, who are our strategic partners. We pride ourselves on co-creating success and working with our clients to help build their internal customer experience expertise.


Fast Company has honoured strategic design agency Hellon as a winner and two-time honorable mention in Fast Company’s 2022 Innovation by Design Awards

Decarbonizing Farming by Hellon and Yara was honoured in Fast Company’s 2022 Innovation by Design Awards, one of the most sought-after design awards in the industry as the winner of the Established Excellence category, alongside two honorable mentions in the categories of Impact and Sustainability.

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