Using AI to design a new service identity for Mandatum Life

Stalled customer experience development

Mandatum Life, a well-known Nordic life insurance and financial services company, wanted to understand the perception customers had of their brand - as their NPS had remained the same for some time. The company had a strong and distinctive presence and were determined to translate it into an aspirational user experience for their service offering.

AI-driven customer experience analysis

With the help of Hellon’s AI and machine learning tool, AINO, the team embarked on large-scale data analysis – using existing, quantitative data sets captured and anonymised by Mandatum such as CSAT surveys, customer feedback and share price. The aim was to uncover the driving factors that were directly impacting their NPS and its lack of growth. AINO analysis predicted that what was lacking was a ‘feeling of care’ and that building a service identity that exuded care at all service touchpoints would result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. AINO provided a precise forecast of the effects of adopting a care-focused identity on NPS, which was directly achieved.

In collaboration with key stakeholders a new, customer care -centric vision was created, bolstered by further qualitative research with customers to understand the nuances of what customer care should look like within service interactions.

Customer care in the forefront of strategic evolution

The service identity and operating model were communicated and socialised throughout the company using a vision videos, engaging guidebook, and seasonal blueprints for supervisors - setting a precedent for all service encounters and channels. Using a collaborative, gamified approach, the service identity was further embedded in the organisation's culture using tried and tested Change Management methods.

Following the creation of the Identity Vision, a pilot was launched to test the new ‘customer care’ propositions through the customer service department. Following positive pilot results, implementation was extended to other departments and the identity was translated further into supporting material such as a Tone of Voice guideline to support its adoption by the Mandatum teams.

Radical improvement through customer-centric transformation
  • NPS score increased at the level that was predicted by Hellon’s AI algorithm.
  • Improved sales - in the year following the project, the company turnover was at a record high.
  • Customer-centricity and customer care was placed at the centre of the company’s cultural transformation.
  • The “feeling of care”’ became one of the core values used for the internal recruitment of new employees.
  • The vision helped the company during the Covid-19 pandemic to focus on the most critical customer experience qualities.
  • The project won the Service Design Network 2019 Award for ‘Best in Commercial’.
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