Strategic vision to increase SME engagement with PepsiCo
Strategic vision to increase SME engagement with PepsiCo

The client wanted to understand how to best engage the FMCG impulse market and partnered with Hellon to build a strategic vision of the future of engagement with SME store owners.

Due to legacy systems, the client was facing internal complexities to the change needed in order to compete with other brands in the FMCG market and therefore needed customer-led insights to guide future direction within co-creative engagements across the organisation.

Hellon co-designed a strategic vision and journey experience that helped increase customer engagement, time and trust, with PepsiCo, across three service concepts that redefined the relationship between product provider and buyer. To communicate the complexity of the client's customer ecosystem, Hellon built an ecosystem map to highlight the low priority level of the client, in the complex life of the customer.

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