Boosting customer engagement with Tesco's loyalty program
Boosting customer engagement with Tesco's loyalty program

We started with a deep dive into the attitudes and motivations of customers towards Tesco’s current loyalty program. What was wrong with the current system? What was great? Where were the opportunity areas that could rejuvenate the program?

A carefully selected range of customers were tasked with keeping diaries for us, recording how they shop and what they feel when shopping with Tesco. We interviewed them in their homes, taking the senior stakeholders with us so they could hear what customers thought directly ‘from the horse’s mouth’ — quite a revelation for some.

From the insights emerged 22 ideas, turned into 13 service concepts. The four most promising ones were built as prototypes – from physical items in store to digital solutions and tested for two days in-store with real customers, iterating what didn’t work over night.

“Working with Hellon has changed the way I work and got me a whole new different approach at Tesco. I have become one of the key service design Ambassadors in our organisation.”

- Rachel Hamilton
Research Lead, Digital Product, Tesco
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