Sustainable development through ethical design

Hellon’s design approach has its foundation on ethics - doing the right thing for our planet and society. Our ethical design methods encompass all stages of the design process, systematically considering impact at every phase.

We are sharing our method for evaluating ideas’ societal and planetary impact to support all design teams to steer service and product design in an ethical direction.

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Sonja & Pinja on stage introducing Hellon's Integrity Canvas

The Hellon Concept Integrity Canvas evaluates the impact of a project’s product/service ideas, concepts or scenarios to understand their potential positive and negative impact on our planet and society already at the idea stage.

  • Build a shared high-level understanding of the concepts’ social impacts
  • Identify which service or product ideas to not take further in the design process
  • Find critical ethical questions to consider in further development

Steers away from:

  • Negative impacts and unethical design
  • Unintended consequences
  • Unnecessary costs further down the line
  • As the first step in comparing and evaluating concepts after ideation to prioritise before validating with customers
  • Should be combined with other types of analysis related to, e.g., desirability, feasibility, and viability
  • You can do more rounds iteratively at any stage of your design process
  • Download the canvas
  • Set up your workspace, digital or physical. You need page 1/2 and as many evaluation pages as you have concepts (page 2/2). Align the templates side by side.
  • Do steps one and two first with your core design team
  • Invite your extended group of decision-makers to prioritise the concepts based on their potential impact as the third step

Concept Integrity Canvas by Hellon

Concept Integrity Canvas by Hellon

1 week Integrity Sprint

Want to learn more about this method? Hellon supports with facilitated Integrity Sprints to guide you through this tool. Get in touch to arrange a session for your design team! Let’s discuss more!


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