6 business outcomes you can expect from investing in CX

Every day, more and more businesses realise the true value of Customer Experience or CX. The numbers don’t lie: in 2021, 44% of businesses reported that CX was a primary differentiator for their business. And a further 48% said it was a partial differentiator. The key takeaway? CX matters. And in an ever-crowded marketplace, now is the time to get on board.

1: CX creates differentiation in a sea of sameness

Spend some time checking out your direct competitors (or even industry-adjacent businesses), and you’ll start to see a running theme. Everybody’s the best at this, delivers the greatest that.

What CX does is allow your business to show your customers why they should stick with you — and why you’re better than the alternative. CX isn’t just a few lines of copy: it’s an end-to-end, comprehensive brand experience.

"It’s a lot of telling and not much showing."

2: Great CX reinforces a great brand identity

Speaking of brands, it’s here that CX puts another strong foot forward. Have you ever been blown away by impressive sales talk and marketing materials, only to gain access to the service and just feel sort of… meh?

Bad CX can actively sabotage any groundwork your sales and marketing teams have put in, so there’s every reason to ensure you deliver what you promise. By focusing on sales and everything else, you can send the message to your customers that you want them to have a great interaction with your brand.

3: Your bottom line will benefit

There’s no way to sugar-coat it: business is about making sales and building that bottom line. Without that, you’re out to sea without a paddle. CX can be your lifeboat. You have to eke out competitive differentiation wherever you can in today’s crowded marketplaces, and good CX can help.

It’s a cumulative effect, of course, but happy customers who are well-informed and know exactly how your products or services work are going to spend much more with your brand and, most importantly, recommend it to others. Successful companies earn their growth with great CX.

4: Well-designed CX encourages upsells

Whether you’re selling widgets or watches, the main goal of your website — and any digital presence — is to make sales or generate leads.

In both cases, your CX can be fuel for the engine. Properly implemented, great CX will encourage organic discovery of additional products or services you offer, giving your customers the chance to engage in upsells or cross-sells — without feeling like they’re being pushed.

Think of those times you’re in a checkout flow, and a pop-up suddenly fills your screen asking, “Do you want to add this to your basket?” Yeah, we’re talking about the opposite of that.

5: Lower customer churn rates

For customers creating products in software and tech, one of the key performance indicators is often lifetime customer value. To get and keep lifetime customer value high, you need to manage your churn rate — the number of customers who are unsubscribing or otherwise lapsing.

Many things impact your churn rate, but CX can be a deciding factor. Consider any digital platform you’ve used with a clunky or difficult user interface. If you’re using that every day, how long will it be before you’re looking for alternatives? It’s here that CX can be woven into your UI design to improve the overall experience and reduce churn.

6: Improved customer loyalty

Dovetailing from customer churn is customer loyalty. They’re essentially two sides to the same coin, but loyalty applies to almost any industry. You want customers who will buy with you again and again — whether that’s incidental purchases or subscription renewals.

Again, the Customer Experience you provide your customers is a critical factor in whether or not they want to buy from you again. From your website flow to your checkout experience to your customer service offerings — it all adds up, and it’s either pushing customers to stick around or pushing them out the door.

If your business hasn’t yet explored what’s possible when you focus on Customer Experience, the Hellon team is here to help. Our goal is to help your business work smarter, not harder — and that begins with an unforgettable customer experience.

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