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There has been a lot of talk around artificial intelligence and new, related solutions are constantly being launched. When speaking of artificial intelligence (AI), the term translates into a multiple different meanings.

The most common interpretation would be the machine's ability to imitate human thought and decision-making processes. On a wider scale, it can also mean decision-making or problem-solving performed by machines. In that context, it refers to the theoretical area of information technology, called machine learning. For example, a mathematical model can be taught to solve a problem by introducing a set of teaching examples, i.e. data. Thus, the computer program is taught to solve the problem without any particular programming. Machine learning is a creative process, as the potential findings and outcomes are not known in advance, or may not even be conceivable.

This spring, Hellon launched an AI solution named AINO, that utilizes machine learning. AINO was created to help organizations to better manage their customer experience. AINO listens to consumers by handling large amounts of customer data and creates a deeper understanding in order to support the decision-making processes. AINO produces an understanding that can be utilized in planning and managing customer experience, such as evaluating investments in the customer experience.

AINO was created for the need to combine the quantitative and qualitative worlds of customer insight to provide a more versatile understanding of service design. Qualitative customer studies have always been at the heart of Hellon's competencies. In-depth interviews and information gathering through various qualitative methods to identify the customer needs can be given as examples of the mentioned studies.

AINO aims to help organisations

Enriching the qualitative world with the understanding produced by artificial intelligence completes the overall picture and adds more depth to the interpretations. An understanding based on large amounts of data provides more specific guidelines and a stronger assurance for decision-making, leaving less room for assumptions. AINO aims to help organisations better understand and pay closer attention to the needs of the clients. For people, handling such large volumes of data can be difficult and extremely time consuming, and in some cases totally impossible. This is where AINO proves to be useful by enabling the scanning and analyses of endless data bases while scaling the workload relevant in service design. We already know collecting data alone is not enough and AINO transforms the already collected data into real value.

The data utilised by AINO is companies’ own quantitative and qualitative data. It can be customer feedback data, employee feedback or any kind of survey data. In order for the information to be relevant, it needs to be customer experience related and to describe the customer experience as a phenomenon.

AINO helps to collect and identify the relevant pain points as well as to introduce completely new opportunities based on companies’ customer experience related data. We believe that it is not only essential to improve customer experience, but to improve the right elements of customer experience. Hence we think that the customer experience related investments should be focused on the possibilities identified by artifical intelligence. To date, AINO has been assisting the customer experience management in more than ten major Finnish organisations.

Interested in hearing more about how AINO could help your organisation in managing and developing your customer experience?

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